Official School Workshops for 1984

Official School Workshops for 1984

Competitions and Deals, London
  • Group Line, in partnership with Headlong Theatre and Theatre Workout, would like to offer your scool a unique theatre workshop as part of your theatre visit to see 1984.

    Every workshop is tailored to the age and ability of the group taking part, to ensure it is right for you!

    This official workshop uses rehearsal techniques used by the cast in the creation of the show, to explore 1984’s central subjects, themes and characters.

    Step into Comrade 6079 Winston Smith’s shoes through games, improvisation and acting exercises.
    Be challenged to comply with Big Brother.
    ‘What is reality? What are the rules? Think! Un-think! We’re watching you!’

    Students may be expected to develop characters and language, and to challenge their thought process and behaviour.

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